FIAMMA - NAU Classic - Barista Machine with Water Tank + Pro On-Demand Grinder

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FIAMMA - NAU Classic - Barista Machine with Water Tank + Pro On-Demand Grinder

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✓ 50mm On-Demand grinder with programmable dosages
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The perfect kit for a Home Barista

Barista Coffee Machine Kit + PRO Grinder

Description :

The most compact FIAMMA machine, equipped with a water tank, has been specially designed to work in any space. At home, in the office, in a bar or restaurant, the perfect espresso is guaranteed, thanks to the traditional thermosiphonic system and the E61 group, used in professional machines!

Grind the coffee to the programmed dose, just before extracting the espresso. Freshly ground, all the characteristics of coffee are retained, serving a more creamy and flavorful coffee.

All specifications


 Groupes 1
Boiler technology Single Boiler
Boiler 2L
Water reservoir 3L
Powerful 1.85kW
Voltage 220-240V
Steam tubes 1 (360° handle)
Tap 1 (360° handle)
Color Noir
Shot Timer Chronometer Hanhart
Boiler manometer Yes
Pump pressure gauge Yes
Pump Vibration
Pre-infusion Manuel
Dimensions 337 x 440 x 375mm
Net weight (kg) 26


MCF 50 OD Coffee Grinder

 Dimensions 152x250x382 mm
Powerful 220W
Feed 230V/50-60 Hz
Bean container 250 gr
Dosage Programmable
Speed 1400 rpm
Molds Diameter 50mm
Production 1 gr/sec
Weight 5.1 kg

Programmable on-demand coffee grinder


The MCF 50 OD activates grinding by contact of the portafilter on the sensor, regulating the doses by timer or continuously. It is also easy to use and adjust. Enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee!

  • Three programmable dosages
  • dosage manuel

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